Made Merchandising Simple


eMaham Is An Electronic Platform To Cater To Our Clients Merchandising Service Needs.

At eMaham We analyze the merchandisers’ work methods in performing their job. We design optimum work methods using the utmost standards of proposed workflow. We eliminate the unnecessary operations and achieve the best methods of performing the assigned jobs. We use the related knowledge and analysis of the work methods, that are implemented through the mobile app to perform the merchandisers’ jobs.

eMaham is a collection of intuitive tools For your company which would cater to your merchandising service needs. You will make your daily merchandising operations and keep track of all your visits and coverage in real-time. Beneficiaries are suppliers, service providers, and stores.
Our vision is to be a leading merchandiser management solution in both the local and international markets. We seek to expand, offering our automated solution system to be recognized as a highly competitive software for our business partners, affiliates and clients. We are always on the look to improve the quality of our products and work environment. The Kingdom Vision 2030 encourages our ambition and spirit.
Our Mission is to provide merchandiser management solution, where this solution may answer the questions, solve the pain areas of our clients and be of top-notch quality, grabbing a good share of any market we may exist in. As Kingdom Vision 2030 drives us to be a leading country, we thrive to make this dream a reality and be a major player in this achievement.
Our objective is to provide the clients our expertise and guarantee satisfaction on all services rendered. This includes the expectation of the client regarding the marketing services program to be implemented in specified places.
Why eMaham?

To Obtain The Maximum Utilization Of The Merchandising Resources

Optimizing Workplace Environments

  • Eliminating waste of time and merchandising manpower
  • Reducing fatigue and boredom of work by avoiding unnecessary movements
  • Finding the best way of completing the visits
  • Having more utilization of merchandisers
  • Improving the plans and management of the work operations

Improving Productivity

  • Improving merchandiser effectiveness
  • Improving merchandiser morale
  • Improving attendance levels
  • Effective communications
  • Measuring the performance
  • Feedback

eMaham Supplier

Is a platform that serves all FMCG & Electronic companies to manage their operations and in-house/outsourced merchandisers.

eMaham Service Provider

Is a platform that helps service providers to manage their operations and team members.

eMaham Store

Is a platform that caters to stores to manage their business operations and their in-house or outsourced team members.